What is Parent Coaching?

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional service that can provide you with the support and guidance you need to create the life
you want. Coaching is similar to other professional services such as a doctor, lawyer, or therapist. However, with a 
coach you will develop a unique relationship by co-creating personal goals to achieve ultimate success.
People hire a coach when they are feeling dissatisfied, making hard decisions, looking for love, wanting to improve a current relationship, wanting to strengthen their parenting skills, making a career transition, starting a business, or just trying to balance everyday responsibilities.

What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching provides you with the support and guidance you need to become the parent you have always wanted to be. A parent coach will assist you in creating a positive, peaceful home environment by identifying the areas of need, establishing goals, and developing an action plan. 

How does parent coaching work?

The initial consultation is between 30-45 minutes and free of charge. This will give you an opportunity to decide whether parent coaching is the right fit for you. After the initial consultation, appointments will be between 45-60 minutes. Typically, parents will schedule between 3-6 appointments. Appointments are typically scheduled bi-monthly. However, weekly sessions may be requested. Appointments can be over the phone or computer, allowing you the opportunity to be in the comfort of your own home.

We are a behavioral consulting and parent coaching organization that helps families and school-aged children reach their ultimate success!
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