My Coping CrateTM

A Calm Down Box for Children

Calm down boxes can assist your family with creating a more peaceful home environment by helping your child regulate his/her emotions during times of distress. Providing your child with consistent opportunities to utilize his/her calm down crate will also teach them to self-manage their emotions and behaviors.

Your child's crate should include items that can be identified as calming or soothing for them. Some items you might want to consider include: 
a stress or squeeze ball, soothing scents (such as lavender), soft material from a blanket, calming music, play dough, clear bottle with water and glitter mixture, or bubbles. 

To order My Coping Crate for your child please complete the form on this page, email us at, or call us at 1-866-568-2155. Prices available upon request. 

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