Melissa's Bio

For the past ten years Melissa Dupree has worked as a school psychologist in both New York and New Jersey.  As a school psychologist Melissa has a strong understanding of the importance a child’s emotional and behavioral well-being has on their ability to achieve success and flourish socially and academically.

Following training as a school psychologist, Melissa went on to pursue a Post-Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  This experience has supplied Melissa with great insight into the field of behavior as a science as well as empirically based behavior management and intervention strategies that have proven to be effective across both home and school settings. As someone who is committed to helping children move toward independence and life-long learning, Melissa believes it is important to maintain a positive environment where children and families can reach their maximum potential and achieve their ultimate success. 

On a more personal note, Melissa is a happily married wife and also a proud mother to a vibrant little girl.  Melissa and her husband are both in the field of education so they are aware of the importance of a child’s self-confidence and the role it plays in their success.  As a parent Melissa can relate to the struggles that many families face within their home on a daily basis and as a behaviorist Melissa can help to provide them with some much warranted relief to their struggles.

Kristen's Bio

Kristen Niemczyk-Kistner has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and both a master’s and a Ph.D. in social work. Kristen is also a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, certified school social worker, and a licensed social worker. Kristen has acquired over ten years of professional experience as a child study team school social worker in three New Jersey school districts. 

As a certified school social worker, Kristen has developed Individual Education Plans (IEP); facilitated peer support, social skills, behavior management, and anger management groups; developed behavior intervention plans; and conducted psychosocial assessments. As a licensed social worker, Kristen has provided individual, group, and family counseling in a private practice setting and through intensive in-home counseling. As an intensive in-home counselor, Kristen provided services and support to individuals with emotional and behavioral disord​ers. These clinical experiences enabled Kristen to apply social work theory and methods to the treatment and prevention of emotional and mental disorders. Kristen also has over six years of teaching experience working as an adjunct professor at a local university. 

In addition to Kristen’s academic and professional success, she is happily married to an extremely loving and supportive husband. Kristen and her husband reside in a beautiful home in New Jersey with their two adorable and active young boys and baby girl. After all the formal training and experience, Kristen now works as a behavioral consultant and parent coach. As a mother, Kristen understands the st​ressors that come along with parenting. Kristen is an active listener who can help you become the parent you always wanted to be. Kristen can help you create an environment that will enable your children to behave and you to be happy. Kristen can help you achieve the parenting success and happiness you want in your life.

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We are a behavioral consulting and parent coaching organization that helps families and school-aged children reach their ultimate success!

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